T Shirts by Rymes

T Shirts by Rymes is an online original design shirt shop, with our headquarters in the small town of Cranbrook British Columbia, Canada.

Our founder, Dale Reimer (Rymes), has been an artist ever since his mom (Mildred) bought him his first comic book, and his uncle (Ken) sparked an interest in drawing the characters. His only formal training in art was in high school, but most of his training was from a book by John Buscema and Stan Lee called “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way”. After that is was practice, practice, practice, and the results are in front of you.

In all of our t shirt designs, we are paying homage to the great artists, incredible cultures, exceptional cartoons and animations, and we at T Shirts by Rymes have no intentions of portraying them negatively,… but we will have a little fun with them. There is never any ill or offense intended, only light hearted humor. We hope you enjoy our hand drawn, original art as much as we enjoy getting it out to you.

Remember it’s all about the Tunes/Toonz around here!

10% of all proceeds goes to worthy charities.

With our Feature shirts we give to the Salvation Army in both the US (80%) and Canada (20%).
This reflects the percentage of customers we get from each country.
With our normal run shirts, the money goes to these local causes: the Womens Shelter, the Mens Shelter, the Food Bank, the Cranbrook branch of the Legion